In this update, we added a new API for chat, several fields centered around internationalization (i18n), made domainNames optional and added some fields to invoices.

For the details, you may go through the changelogs below.

Chat API [new]

  • Added start chat endpoint.
  • Added reply chat endpoint.

This api allows you to contact eezee's dedicated customer support via API without leaving your app/website. Submit a support request via an HTTP Post request with a msg and a webhook and we will ping you back when we are ready. Find out more in the docs.

Product Model

  • Added titleTranslations to product
  • Added descriptionHtmlTranslations to product
  • Added specSheets to product
  • Added mainTranslations to product.categories
  • Added subTranslations to product.categories
  • Added nameTranslations to product.brand

Invoice Model

  • Added productId to invoice.documentLineItems[i]
  • Added text descriptions to invoice.documentLineItems[i]

Enterprise API


In this update, we decoupled punchout details from the main api. This enables non-erp software to also leverage and build on the eezee ecosystem.